W+D North America announces the sale of the first 410 Easy Enveloper to Sun Solutions

Lenexa, KS – W+D North America Inc. announces the sale of its first W+D 410 Easy Enveloper to Sun Solutions of West Columbia, South Carolina.  The W+D 410 Easy Enveloper offers complete size and window change overs in under 30 minutes for even  direct mail envelopes like #9, #10 and 6 x 9 ½” envelopes on coated or uncoated stock that then runs at speeds of 500 envelopes per minute.  The 410 Easy Enveloper also embraces new technology that makes conversion of digital printed sheets a reality without traditional high die cutting or unacceptable waste factors.

Andy Cook, President of Sun Solutions, observes “the 410 Easy Enveloper lets us accelerate our time to the mail box from week(s) to just days and dramatically cuts our waste factor —  no more reprints or extra freight costs”.   As a servo driven machine, the 410 Easy Enveloper also is equipped with two HMI (human machine interface) monitors with access to Expert Online help.  Andrew Schipke, VP Sales and Marketing for W+D North America, reiterates that “with the Expert Online help and the simplicity of newly engineered  W+D 410 change-over process we can run virtually all the popular envelope sizes from a #6-3/4 (3-5/8 x 6-1/2) reply envelope to a full view 6 x 9-1/2 booklet at 500 envelopes per minute by operators without prior envelope adjuster experience – a benefit to traditional envelope manufacturers and commercial printers alike.”

Andy Cook sees additional benefits of the 410 Easy Enveloper, too,  for downstream processing.  As the largest independent mail house in South Carolina handling tens of millions of pieces each month through its Consolidated Mail Services division, “with the 410 Easy Enveloper we can exactly control the shape of the flap, throat and side seams of the envelope run after run for greater consistency and productivity.”  Brook Spaulding, Senior Account Manager for W+D North America, observes that “with the W+D 410’s novel shuttle feeder and complete cut magnetic flex die system, Sun Solutions will get the benefits of scuff-free envelopes on even light weight 70#C2S coated stock and enjoy tight color registration within .040” to the score line, all of which means Sun Solutions will also be able to take advantage of the new USPS opportunity to introduce shape cut images on the trailing edge of the envelope at full automation rates.”